Manufacturing & Production

What is the difference between manufacturing and production?

According to Wikipedia, manufacturing is the use of machines, tools and labor to produce finished goods on large scale that requires a range of human activity, from designs to management.

Production is the process of taking the finished goods and assembling them into more complex finished products.

Every type of manufacturing is a production, but every production is not a manufacturing.

For example, making a FRP shell by various sheets of composites like fiberglass, carbon-fiber, and kevlar is manufacturing. Taking the FRP shell and assembling with other finished goods like liners, eps, and other various parts to produce a helmet is production.

At Helmet Solutions, we work both manufacturing and production. If our customer is looking into developing a brand new helmet from an original design, we manufacture tooling and then work up a plan and timeline to set up production accordingly to a cost that our customer can take advantage.

We also offer existing up-to-date and stylish open mold (of helmets) if customers are looking for a faster way to getting their helmets in production . This eliminates the manufacturing process by using open molds we have in stock. This method is known as private label and it is an effective option to quickly getting helmets onto shelves and eliminating the cost of manufacturing.

Pictured below are few of our many manufacturing and production services we offer. If you have any questions, please email us at

Manufacturing - FRP Shell

Above, we take various composites of fiberglass, carbon-fiber, and kevlar sheets to "bag" mold them into "fiberglass" categorized shells.

Manufacturing - Plastic Shell

With a complete set of design and engineering data we manufacture plastic-made shells.

Production - Decal

Decal application is one of many assembly steps we take when running large scale production.

Production - Assembly

We take all finished goods from manufacturing and assembed them in production.