Design & Engineering

Our in-house design and engineering capabilities are extensive. As a customer of Helmet Solutions you will receive numerous services for your business including:

- Industrial design
- 3D engineering
- RP (rapid prototype) development
- EPS casting and forming
- Injection molding
- Graphic design
- Illustration
- 1:1 flat art specifications.
- Graphic mock-up on helmet before decal production.

All the services listed above come as a package if you choose to work with us.

With decades of experience and know how, your design and engineering costs can be drastically reduced and obsolescence risks are eliminated. Let us design, engineer, and produce your company's products smoothly and timely, meeting your deadline and budget requirements.

Industrial Design

We have a staff of industrial designers who has specialized in the industry for many years. Our specialities are not limited to helmets. We also design riding gloves, bags, footwear, leather garment, outerwear and so on.

3D Engineering

We have one of the most skilled 3D technical team worldwide. Our experiences include engineering helmets that you probably own today. We know the in-and-outs of sizing and that helps us pass the most stringent of testing standards worldwide today.

Graphic Design & Illustration

From illustrations to digital drawings to specifications of artwork, Helmet Solutions can be your company's graphic design partner.