Our mission statement: "Manufacturing top quality products, through strict QC (quality control) measures and cost-efficient supply channels, is the highest priority at Helmet Solutions".

In today's highly competitive business world, Helmet Solutions realize quality products separate successful businesses from its competition. Therefore, we strive to consistently manufacture top quality products by two means: (1) implementing strict QC measures by using in-house staff to manage the supply chaines at all ends of the floor and (2) using validated factories in Korea, China, and Indonesia to ensure cost savings is to our customers' advantage.

With a combined 50+ years of experience, our company has the working knowledge and network of resources to meet the ever changing demand of today's maket. Our headquarter is based in Los Angeles, CA USA where main operations, sales, and design teams are located. Our offices and factories in Asia are in Korea, China, and Indonesia. Our Asia staff allows us to manage customer defined QC measures by being present on-site during production and at the end of final inspection before shipment.

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Working Advtanages with Helmet Solutions

  • Total in-house control from design to production to delivery.
  • Highly knowledgeable and experienced personnel with confidentiality controls in place.
  • Dedicated focus from an account manager based in the United States who is assigned to every client and project from start to finish.
  • Industry best services at highly competitive pricing.

Our Clients